Great hotel in London

Booked Premier Inn Hub at Dacre Street near St James’s for one night as I was attending a dinner in town.

Didn’t expect anything more than usual Premier Inn, but was really impressed and would recommend and will definitely use this as my go to place to stay in future!

Close to the tube station(2 minutes). Modern, very clean, well designed hotel with rooms which might be too small for some, but for one night was ideal.

It’s like a little pod or a cabin on a cruise ship with a small shower room and a bed. Nothing different about that, but so clean and modern with great touches of technology everywhere.

The bed was amazing, by Hypnos, who make beds for the Queen! TV at end of bed on the wall and a window(with a view of scaffolding on a high tower, but I wasn’t there to look out the window!).

The duvet was rolled with towels and the TV remote balanced on top on arrival, which was unexpected and emphasised the cleanliness and care taken to dress the room.

All lighting controls are on a panel at the top of the bed and there were several light settings, allowing bright, medium and a low light as well as a funky lilac! You could request to not have your room made up from the panel is sleeping late and also do not disturb at the push of a button. 

Wifi was perfect and loaded immediately at no cost of course.

This is the reception!

Superb wall map showing all the locations for tourists and travellers.

I checked in with a QR code in seconds on the terminals and was given my key card, which worked every time!

Staff were friendly, polite and helpful, offering coffee as I arrived!

In the lift, the mirrors have an interactive message which changes every ten seconds and a frame to take elevator selfies! Here’s me on my arrival back at 1.30am!

The room was completely dark thanks to a black out blind which rolled down and there was no light leaking in from the corridor and no noise at all, as though I were the only guest! I wasn’t!

A bottle of water was in the room on arrival, complimentary of course!

I rarely complete customer surveys, but have just rated this a massive 10/10 and fantastic on every scale. Even their survey was well thought out.

Well done Premier Inn Hub for having really thought through the entire customer experience and the entire journey from booking to departure to feedback!

I highly recommend to anyone looking for a one night stay. I will definitely book again any time I need to be in London, even if I need to get to the other side of the city……..yes, it was that good!

How much did you pay Ken?………..that’s the best and most unexpected part…………£72.50.

Superb experience and great value!

I’ll be back!!



One Large Quarter……of a century!

McDonald’s at Kingston, Milton Keynes was officially opened to the first customers on March 30th 1992, meaning that incredibly, for those who remember it as a new restaurant, it will be 25 years old in a couple of weeks! This was the restaurant, where among other things that come to mind, my two eldest kids held their birthday parties…….the ball pit(!)…….the burgers and fries……, noise, finger food……and cake…….and it was a place where kids seemed to make the rules……and even better, adults didn’t seem to mind!5573_7932

The pastel shades shown in this image tells you all you need to know about the times. In 2011, however, McDonald’s chose Kingston to feature a groundbreaking scheme, Spirit of Family…….

Transformation was achieved! This wasn’t a change, a slight upgrade, a redecoration nor a refurbishment……..this was a revolution in McDonald’s decor, design and facilities. It had banks of iPads for goodness sake……..and yes, some were stolen at the beginning, until more robust locked units could be installed. Customers loved it and McDonald’s visitors from around the world flocked to McDonald’s in Kingston, MK, to see this marvel!

So if you’re dropping by for a coffee, driving thru for a smoothie, or sitting down with the kids for a family treat after shopping, give little old Kingston a wink and raise your cappuccino to toast the old girl………..25 years and still #lovinit!

Blogging as a beginner

Where to start?

Actually, more importantly, why start? Yes, why start a blog? On WordPress?

Short answer……..inquisitive.

Medium answer………I’m fascinated and just a little addicted to social media and technology, so a blog was the next step on my development………..facebook………linkedin……….twitter………instagram…………………..pinterest……..etc

Longer answer………..I love to communicate and I’m continually inspired by the connections and information flow that exists in our world. As someone born in the sixties, I’ve lived, like so many others, at a time of increasingly breakneck speedy change. The things that are now commonplace were revolutionary just five years ago. The iPhone will celebrate it’s tenth birthday next year! Unlike many of my generation, I’m determined to learn and get involved in this tsunami of modernity. Yep……..grey surfer! Read on for more thoughts, observations, questions, answers, unanswered questions and unquestioned answers………who knows what’s coming next……….